Who is the Super Affluent Afflucious ?!

The Arrogant, Affluent Afflucious is so spiteful  its no wonder that he is a distant cousin of Donald Trump.

Always venturing t to build an empire of his own to surpass his other rich, powerful, and outwardly racist family members, every attempt that has threatened the black community so far has been thwarted by the Funk Force…Until Now.

By starting his new record label,  Afflu Records, he had hoped his empire would grow in favor with the white community. However,  upon seeing that signing his favorite  Alternative Rock bands weren’t as lucrative as he initially hoped, and then  hearing  of the overnight success of lil Uzi Vert, he knew Hip Hop was the way to go.

So with his manifested imagination, his misconstrued ideas of blackness, along  with the most expensive  biomolecular technology that money could buy, AllDaBucks was born!

  Learn more about the man behind Afflucious: Max Schrader 


Bank Account: $1,000,000,000,000

Photography by Jeremiah Nicholson