Who is the Newest Rapping Sensation  AllDaBucks?!

Born of Supreme Darkness, Ignorance and Pettiness, AllDaBucks is  Always Down to Fight and .  Always following Afflucious orders to the “T” Alldabucks is determined to take down the Funk Force by any means necessary and win the affection of the black community.

Being a creation of his master Afflucious, AllDaBucks is the sole property and member of Afflu Records. He knows his hotfiya ryhmes and bombastic bars will make the black community love him and make Afflucious a ton of money with his  His No. 1 Hit Song: Crackhead Like Me.

This rap Goliath killing machine has no shame and plays no games. How his powers work remain to be seen, but  feel free to  learn more about the man behind AllDabucks:   John Acosta

NO. 1 Hit Song: Crackhead Like Me

HotFiya Rap Skillz: 100%

Photography by Jeremiah Nicholson