Who the Funk is Chris: A.K.A. MelaZulu?

He’s Strong, He’s Fit, and He’s Lit!

Meet Chris, AKA MelaZulu, with the ability of his melanin to absorb and store sunlight at an exponential rate. Chris can strengthen and set his fists ablaze, roasting any enemy that is bold enough to knuck and buck at him. Chris always puts his brash, confident personality on display.

He was raised by his Black Panther grandfather, who trained him in boxing from an early age and gave him the Zulu amulet, the source of his abilities. His strong warrior spirit and name represents his devotion to his people and to protect others in danger.

Although he is not the smartest in the bunch, he doesn’t have to be that wise to want to protect black people from the bad guys.

Tune in for more info on the brave and bold actor: Rock Jones

His Skills

Boxing: 90%
Fighting Instinct: 95%
Melanin: 95%
Swag Level: LIT AF

Photography by Jenn Smulo