Who the Funk is Damien: A.K.A. Afro Cypher

He’s sleek, he’s nice, this Negro Ninja is Extra Tight!

With an uncanny ability to analyze any situation, Damien, A.K.A. Afro Cypher, primarily utilizes his mystical ninja powers to escape anything he perceives as a “dire situation” at a moments notice.

Damien’s power also grants him access to a wide range of weapons including  shurikens, smoke bombs, kunai, ninjutsu, a ninja sword, U NAAAMME IT! But, even with 99 ninja tools at his disposal, he can never decide on one to use in battle. Although Afro Cypher certainly looks cool, his habit of second guessing himself and fumbling in fights causes more trouble than it’s worth, so he usually leaves the heavy lifting to the other members.

As the self proclaimed Number One Negro Ninja in America, he claims he can find the answer to any situation, but the real question is if Damien has the courage to solve America’s biggest problem yet: RACISM?!

Click the link for more details on the actor behind Afro Cypher: Husani Blaze

His Skills

Intelligence: 80%
Evasion: 90%
Swordsmanship: 70%
Cowardice: 100%

Photography by Jenn Smulo