Who the Funk is Desmond?

A visionary, freethinker and Japanese anime otaku, Desmond Jackson is taking it to the next level with his directorial debut Funk Force. Upon religiously viewing nearly every superhero film created by Hollywood in the past decade,  it dawned on him… the realization of  the dark void missing in each of these hero films and thus he wanted to see what he would happen if he added a little more COLOR to the genre.  So by stirring in some BLACK POWER, with a sprinkle of POETIC JUSTICE, AND A DASH OF DYNO-MITE, came FUNK FORCE.

His Skills

Directing 90%
Writing 95%
Producing 100%
Creativity OVER 9000%


After Graduating in 3 years with his Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Production at Hofstra University,  Desmond has seen success in several film festivals from producing several award winning short films including Hungry, Rose Donohue, Angsty Dawn. Being heavily inspired by Blaxploitaiton films like Black Dynamite and Japanese anime such as  Naruto and Gurren Lagann, Desmond has combined his various interests in this live action short film displaying “Heroes of Color Like No Other”.  He hopes nerds of color and audiences everywhere will resonate with the film’s message in tackling modern day racism, while also being entertained with the combination of such unlikely sources of inspiration.