The AfroJack of All Trades

The Number 1 Negro Ninja is played by none other then the acrobatic AfroJack of All TradesHusani Blaze.

This seasoned Sag Aftra member and Tribeca Film Alum  has been active in multiple projects ranging from an actor, writer, and producer. He has walked the red carpets of Sundance Film Festival and trained with high profile talent. Having an uncanny ability to fulfill multiple roles at once,  he knew he could take on the burden of the cowardly, yet energetic role of Damien.

With his aligning interests in superhero, anime, and nerd culture he jumped at the opportunity to fulfill his dream flipping around and fighting evil as  Afro Cypher.

Check out the budding black hero’s IMDB page to stay up to date on all things Husani Blaze.

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Set stills by Holly Fischer

Photography by Jenn Smulo