The Black Super Sistah with Soul

The Black Super Sistah with Soul played by the effervescent and talented Jacinth Sutphin, this shining star has played the lead in multiple award winning feature films. Her dramatic range and capabilities brings another level to the character Janin, further expanding the depth of the fierce and reticent superhero. Playing Detective Simone William in the feature film, Diary of a Badman, Jacinth is no stranger to playing roles that break stereotypes so it was a perfect fit for her to bring those talents to the character Janin.

If you haven’t already, check out Janin’s page!

When asked why she chose to do funk force Jacinth says, although the script was quite different from her other projects, she couldn’t help but notice that the world needed someone to rise to the occasion and take up the mantle of a black superheroine so that their  stories could be told.

To learn more about Jacinth and her legit credentials check out her IMDb page and website.

Photography by Jenn Smulo

Set stills by Holly Fischer