Who the Funk is Janin: A.K.A. Eclipse

Typically not the one to play nice with others, Janin is guaranteed to kick your ass and ask questions later. With the ability to summon and manipulate her fierce DragonPiercer at will, her combined dexterity, swiftness, and agility will surely knock you off your feet. With her signature move, Twilight Strike, its Lights Out for anyone who steps out of line, Best Believe That!

Being the strong and  silent  member of the team, she always proves her worth on the battlefield and constantly trains to hone her skills to be the best that no one ever was.

Her codename, Eclipse, coincides with her dark brooding attitude, and conveys that there is still a bright light inside her that shines against the evil forces at work in the world.

To find out more about the true talent behind Janin, check out Jacinth Sutphin’s featured bio page: HERE!

Her Skills

Agility: 80%
Staff Mastery: 90%
Pride: 95%
Bad Mamma Jama: 110%

Photography by Jenn Smulo