The Performer with Raw Talent

Mix Raw Talent, an Unpenetrable Mental Fortitude and the Body Of A God and you have John Xavier Acosta!

A rapper, MMA fighter, and model, this triple threat can Master anything at any time. Whether it’s learning how to judo chop a ninja or freestyling bars on the spot, John Acosta is a prodigy unlike any other performer.

He slays any task given to him with dedication and perseverance.  With Funk Force, he was stoked playing AllDaBucks because he figured it was time the world saw his kick ass fighting skillz and the hotfiyah he spits on the mic wrapped into one vivacious villain.

Want more info on the vile villain he plays in Funk Force? Check out his alter ego rapper persona AlldaBucks  HERE!

Stills by Jeremiah Nicholson