Who the Funk is Martin: A.K.A. Shabad’Azz

The Charismatic,  Soultastic, and Funknificent leader of  Funk Force!

Martin A.K.A. Shabad’Azz has the power to draw energy from the Earth’s soul sonic ether. This means his power grows harder, better, faster, and stronger with the more positive energy he feels in the vicinity. With all this energy at his disposal he can shoot out super wavy UltraLight Beams that can paralyze or eradicate foes in an instance. And if that isn’t enough to stop his enemies, he can  harness the soul sonic ether energy to Level Up to his Ascended Form: Magna Matic. A form So Loud, So Powerful, and So Bright  that it always takes a minute or two before he can charge up, leaving him vulnerable to counterattacks.

Recognizing that America is filled with ferocious foes that embody white supremacy, Martin puts the protection of the black community as his primary objective in life.  He believes that with all people united as one, racism can be undone and thus works tirelessly with an uplifting smile ensuring that one day that goal will be accomplished. So with his Iron Will and Dyno-Mite Dance skills,  you can always expect Martin to end every battle with his signature motto: “Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork”.

With the Super Almighty  Shabad’Azz  leading the motley bunch you know that the Funk Force is a squad that is nothing to FUNK with.

Click the link for more details on the actor behind Shabad’Azz: Leon Morgan

His Skills

Leadership: 100%
Dance Skills: 100%
Perseverance: 100%
Power Level: OVER 9000%

Photography by Jenn Smulo